ContextCapture new release!

May 19, 2016

ContextCapture new release!

We are pleased to announce the new release of ContextCapture!

Main improvements

    ContextCapture can now publish models for native use in ESRI workflows with applications like ArcGIS Pro through the new i3s export capability.
video demonstration

It also offers greater scalability and enhanced interoperability with:

  • An increase from 30 to 100 gigapixels as the maximum amount of imagery that ContextCapture can use to produce a model (ContextCapture Center remains unlimited)

  • New mesh export capabilities which allow abstracting even very large projects as unique multiresolution meshes that can be displayed with a common index. The most popular formats include 3MX, ESRI i3s, Google Earth KML, SpacEyes3D, OSGB, LODTreeExport

Migration to ContextCapture for Smart3DCapture users

All Smart3DCapture Advanced/Expert and Ultimate users, with a valid subscription service, are entitled to migrate to an equivalent ContextCapture Edition. Please contact your Acute3D representative or your local Bentley office to learn more about the procedure.