New update releases for ContextCapture and ContextCapture Editor are now available

August 21, 2017

New update releases for ContextCapture and ContextCapture Editor are now available

CC Update 6 global color equalization
We are pleased to announce the release of ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 6 and its module, ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition– Update 1.
ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 6
Capture With the update, ContextCapture enables the production of 3D Resolution Map that associate resolution to any 3D location on your model. This 3D quality control and reporting tool streamlines the analysis of project and acquisition quality.  And for better acquisition, ContextCapture now offers a QR code framework.  This provides you with automatic ground control points or constraints measurements, as well as automatic asset registration. For 3D spatial registration of assets, you only need to place the QR codes tags on the assets before performing the photo acquisition.
Process The new update has a more robust and parallelized aerotriangulation and multi-GPU support, so you can expect faster processing time when generating your 3D reality meshes.  And the global color equalization capability drastically enriches the visual quality of your 3D models.
Share With ProjectWise ContextShare integration, you can now securely upload your reality meshes, and share across project teams and applications increasing team productivity and collaboration.
Consume – Operations and Inspection Workflows The thermal imagery support in the mesh texture mode allows you to quickly identify leaks or abnormalities of your critical assets during the inspection and maintenance process.
Check out the ContextCapture CONNECT Edition – Update 6 tutorial videos for these new capabilities!

CC Editor CONNECT Update 1_3SM Tile to Terrain

ContextCapture Editor CONNECT Edition – Update 1

To increase your project quality, ContextCapture Editor enables you to integrate and process reality modeling data.
Scalable Mesh Format Scalable mesh technology enables multi-resolution inputs through the new (.3sm) format. With the ContextCapture Editor update, you can convert a reality mesh (.3mx) to the new scalable mesh format, attach, and display it in MicroStation to bring reality context to your design. Additionally, you can generate a scalable mesh file containing terrain data from many sources such as DTM, Point Clouds, raster elevation, and more for better design.
Quick Ground Extraction ContextCapture Editor allows you to extract terrain from an area of a reality mesh to a new reality mesh attachment and seamlessly display the result using clips helping to streamline your design workflow.
Volume Calculation With ContextCapture Editor, you can analyze volume differences in a defined area between two reality meshes or a reality mesh and design element. A significant use for this capability is during the construction workflow to calculate the amount of material in a stockpile to determine how much load there is compared to actual design.  This same capability can be used for progress management where you can calculate the volume using two different reality meshes taken at different phases of the construction to find out the progression of the work. 
Tile Terrain ContextCapture Editor has the Tile Terrain capability where you can extract and tile terrain from a reality mesh to multiple Terrain Model elements or LandXML files for use in your road designs.
ProjectWise ContextShare ProjectWise ContextShare is Bentley’s reality modeling solution that allows you to securely manage and store large amounts of reality modeling data in a connected data environment without the need for high-end hardware or complex IT infrastructure. ContextCapture Editor allows you to convert local reality mesh to the reality mesh 3DTiles format for easy upload to ProjectWise ContextShare.  You can attach and stream reality mesh 3DTiles for better project team collaboration.
Check out the ContextCapture Editor tutorial videos for these new capabilities!