Smart3DCapture becomes ContextCapture

October 8, 2015

Smart3DCapture becomes ContextCapture

Dear Smart3DCapture User,

First of all, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and support that proved to be constantly renewed over the past years. You may know, by now, that Acute3D has joined the Bentley Systems Group earlier this Year, and, as a consequence, some changes have occurred in our organization and product strategy.

This changes are for good, and we are happy to offer you today the opportunity to join us on this new endeavor.

What has changed?

First, our product line has now be renamed into ContextCapture. Since the purpose of our solutions is to capture the existing conditions of a project or asset, that will be used as a context to your new design, surveying, mapping or inspection applications, we thought it would illustrate well its role in your workflows.

Second, we have rationalized our packaging. How does it affect your investment?

ContextCapture comes in 2 editions only, with an upgraded desktop version, now processing up to 30 Gpix of data per project, vs. 10 Gpix before, and supporting the batch processing for more flexibility. All former Smart3DCapture Advanced and Expert users will love ContextCapture for it comes with many improvements including: a new AT module, volume and area measurement, a brand new control/tie points editor, a new mutiresolution-3D mesh exchange format (3MX) supported by MicroStation, a new (long awaited by many of our users) web viewer, a new planes detection feature…

Smart3DCapture Ultimate users will find ContextCapture Center offers the same level of improvements still maintaining its proven scalability, modularity, user friendliness and performance.

Last, but not least, comes the new licensing system. As all other Bentley products, ContextCapture offers all the flexibility of Bentley’s SELECTserver. Users can thus easily change their machine, check out on their desktop machine to temporarily work on their laptop for instance, temporary increase their processing power by adding new licenses on a quarterly basis, etc.

We strongly believe that our users will receive huge benefits from joining the ContextCapture community and we are sure you will as well.

Is there any further training requested?

ContextCapture comes with the very same interface and workflow as Smart3DCapture. You will not need any specific training to learn how to use it.

How can you join the ContextCapture community of Users?

All our users will be soon contacted by a Bentley Systems representative, and will be offered to join our SELECT program. SELECT offers more flexibility on the licensing, including check out/in of licenses when you want to temporary change your PC (when travelling for instance), add more licenses of eligible products on a quarter, access more Bentley products, and a lot more.

This migration to the new ContextCapture solutions will be offered free of charge to existing Smart3DCapture users for the remaining period of your current (valid) maintenance and support agreement or subscription, if you sign up before December 15th, 2015.

If you want further information, please contact your local Acute3D-Bentley systems representative or Partner.

We will be happy to welcome you to the Bentley Community soon!

The Acute3D-Bentley Systems Sales Team