Streamline your project workflows with Reality Modeling Cloud Service

June 26, 2018

Streamline your project workflows with Reality Modeling Cloud Service

The latest updates to the Reality Modeling Cloud Service applications enable users to tackle more complex projects and offer more options to manage and consume reality modeling data.

ContextCapture Console

  • Speed up the import and registration of survey points with the new surveys window feature enabling vertical image sorting to easily identify the most relevant images for ground control points registration.
  • Handle complex alignment workflows using the new reconstruction-only mode of ContextCapture Console. This enables you use ContextCapture on-premises to process aerotriangulation and upload the calibrated block to ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service for reconstruction of deliverables.
  • Consuming your reality data in various applications is now easier with new export formats (LAS/LAZ for point clouds and OBJ, FBX for reality meshes).

    Check out the tutorial videos for the new ContextCapture Console features.

ContextCapture Mobile

  • Experience the new intuitive user-interface for capturing photos and creating a 3D reality model.
  • Take advantage of new tips and guidelines for achieving better overlay during capture.
  • See how much easier it is to associate your projects to collaborate, consume, and share your reality data.

ProjectWise ContextShare

You have better control with the new capabilities for managing your reality data including download of multiple files-formats such as “ContextCapture Inputs” and “Web Ready 3D Scalable Meshes” and ability to modify the user who has ownership of each reality data.  

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