Winners of 2017 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition

May 24, 2017

Winners of 2017 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition

I) WINNER: Reality Modeling (General)

Congratulations to Dalian Nationalities University in China who is the Winner for the Reality Modeling category! This student team composed by Ting Li, Yuting Wang, Yuanpeng Liu, Falin Xiang decided to capture Buddha, as a means of sharing, in 3D, a piece of China’s culture and spirit with people all over the world who may never see it in person.
They used a UAV to take photos of the 69 meter-high Buddha, with four sides representing love, career, health, and wealth and its hundreds of hands representing control of everything.
With so much detail, it was very challenging for the team to carefully capture the statue.
They then used ContextCapture to automatically turn the images into a highly-detailed 3D reality model of the figure.
Look at the video and the model!

II) WINNER: Use of Reality Modeling for Infrastructure (Advanced)

This student team from Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College (Jinan, Shandong, China) used a UAV to capture video images of a construction site, and converted that footage into a 3D reality model of the area using ContextCapture.
To make the reality model even more useful as a decision-support tool, they took measurements of two overhead high voltage cables in the working range of cranes—safely, from within the model.
Those accurate measurements were then used by the students to design protective shields for the cables, using MicroStation CONNECT Edition and AECOsim Building Designer.
Next the team created a models of the structure that will be built on the site, as well as models of three tower cranes, so they could simulate the working range of the cranes to determine the best installation position.
Finally, using Bentley LumenRT, they created a visualization of the construction project, with the cranes and structure, adding a natural environment and a video so stakeholders can easily envision the results.
Look at the video and the model!

III) Other 3D models presented during the competition

Explore these 3D models made by students for the 2017 Bentley Institute Student Design Competition. These reality mesh models can be viewed directly within any Web browser.
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