ContextCapture 4.1 released

December 22, 2015

ContextCapture 4.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of ContextCapture version 4.1!

Main improvements

  • Fisheye camera support.
  • New camera database (camera model, user database, user interface).
  • New user interface to import positions/rotations from text files.
  • Video frame import.
  • Aerotriangulation algorithm improvement (frustum, new input data min/max viewing distance, block type nadir).
  • Texturing improvement (texturing per sub-triangle).
  • New command line tool to export a unique LOD mesh from a 3D reconstruction composed of several tiles.

Migration to ContextCapture for Smart3DCapture users

All Smart3DCapture Advanced/Expert and Ultimate users, with a valid subscription service, are entitled to migrate to an equivalent ContextCapture Edition. Please contact your Acute3D representative or your local Bentley office to learn more about the procedure.