Acute3D-Bentley Systems to launch the new ContextCapture solution for Reality Modeling from photos

September 8, 2015

Acute3D-Bentley Systems to launch the new ContextCapture solution for Reality Modeling from photos

The new ContextCapture solution: better in all domains!


  • New packaging with updated features and capabilities: ContextCapture (with a higher limitation on the input up to 30 GPix/project) and ContextCapture Center for unlimited reconstructions.
  • New licensing based on Bentley CONNECT SELECTservices allowing quarterly term licensing and license pooling, making it more cost-effective for short-term project needs and making existing licenses more fully utilized by making it accessible to more users.
  • New webGL Acute3D Web Viewer and new 3MX format.
  • Improved aerotriangulation (improved robustness, new pair selection modes, new photogroup estimation modes).
  • Aerotriangulation measurement/orientation priors based on user tie points (allows the definition of block origin, scale or orientation).
  • New control points/tie points features (2D/Z control points, tolerance, check points), and upgraded user interface.
  • Improved aerotriangulation report.
  • Improved texturing (improved UV mapping, image blending, inpainting).
  • Improved production and level-of-detail processing, new production options (overlap, skirts, maximum texture size).
  • New planar simplification mode at the reconstruction stage.
  • Tiling/pairs on surface constraints (allows the generation of tiles on areas without tie points when a surface constraint exists).
  • Spatial reference system support for touchup and reconstruction constraints.
  • New production 3D view tab.
  • Surface/Volume measurement.
  • Export of 3D mesh with texture and level-of-detail to GoogleEarth KML.
  • Export of orthophoto to KML super-overlay.
  • Interoperability with Bentley platform: Pointools POD, 3MX support in MicroStation.
  • Block merging (ability to merge two existing blocks from the user interface).

  • Acute3dMarseilles _in_Microstation

    Example of an entire city loaded in Microstation

    Contact Acute3D or your local Bentley Systems representative for more information.