September 6, 2016

New Reality Modeling Tutorial

Bentley’s ContextCapture is part a wider product line that covers a complete Reality Modeling workflow.

If you want to learn more about how you can:

  • Generate a 3D model with Bentley’s ContextCapture
  • Automatically extract a terrain model from the 3D model with Bentley’s Descartes
  • Use the terrain in Bentley’s ConceptStation as a basemap for early road/bridge design
  • Simulate traffic and enliven the model

  • Click here.

    Youtube video: Bentley's reality modeling

    To learn more about how to use ContextCapture, please visit our dedicated Youtube Channel.

    July 8, 2016

    Web publishing with Cesium

    The upcoming release of ContextCapture can generate 3D models with level-of-detail in the Cesium 3D Tiles format, for streaming and display in Cesium web applications. Cesium is an open-source JavaScript library for 3D globes and 3D maps.


    Check out the two demos below:

    Optionally, ContextCapture can generate a base Cesium application which can be directly published to the Web. Cesium is purely client-based, so the Cesium 3D Tiles data and the Cesium application can be hosted on a static Web server. Online file storage web services / content delivery networks such as Azure Blobs/CDN or Amazon S3/CloudFront are also supported.

    We will present this new feature at Siggraph 2016 in Anaheim, CA, in a Birds of a Feather session on Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium: Tuesday, 26 July, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Anaheim Convention Center.

    Stay tuned for this upcoming ContextCapture release!

    May 19, 2016

    ContextCapture new release!

    We are pleased to announce the new release of ContextCapture!

    Main improvements

      ContextCapture can now publish models for native use in ESRI workflows with applications like ArcGIS Pro through the new i3s export capability.
    video demonstration

    It also offers greater scalability and enhanced interoperability with:

    • An increase from 30 to 100 gigapixels as the maximum amount of imagery that ContextCapture can use to produce a model (ContextCapture Center remains unlimited)

    • New mesh export capabilities which allow abstracting even very large projects as unique multiresolution meshes that can be displayed with a common index. The most popular formats include 3MX, ESRI i3s, Google Earth KML, SpacEyes3D, OSGB, LODTreeExport

    Migration to ContextCapture for Smart3DCapture users

    All Smart3DCapture Advanced/Expert and Ultimate users, with a valid subscription service, are entitled to migrate to an equivalent ContextCapture Edition. Please contact your Acute3D representative or your local Bentley office to learn more about the procedure.

    December 22, 2015

    ContextCapture 4.1 released

    We are pleased to announce the release of ContextCapture version 4.1!

    Main improvements

    • Fisheye camera support.
    • New camera database (camera model, user database, user interface).
    • New user interface to import positions/rotations from text files.
    • Video frame import.
    • Aerotriangulation algorithm improvement (frustum, new input data min/max viewing distance, block type nadir).
    • Texturing improvement (texturing per sub-triangle).
    • New command line tool to export a unique LOD mesh from a 3D reconstruction composed of several tiles.

    Migration to ContextCapture for Smart3DCapture users

    All Smart3DCapture Advanced/Expert and Ultimate users, with a valid subscription service, are entitled to migrate to an equivalent ContextCapture Edition. Please contact your Acute3D representative or your local Bentley office to learn more about the procedure.

    October 8, 2015

    Smart3DCapture becomes ContextCapture

    Dear Smart3DCapture User,

    First of all, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank you for your confidence and support that proved to be constantly renewed over the past years. You may know, by now, that Acute3D has joined the Bentley Systems Group earlier this Year, and, as a consequence, some changes have occurred in our organization and product strategy.

    This changes are for good, and we are happy to offer you today the opportunity to join us on this new endeavor.

    What has changed?

    First, our product line has now be renamed into ContextCapture. Since the purpose of our solutions is to capture the existing conditions of a project or asset, that will be used as a context to your new design, surveying, mapping or inspection applications, we thought it would illustrate well its role in your workflows.

    Second, we have rationalized our packaging. How does it affect your investment?

    ContextCapture comes in 2 editions only, with an upgraded desktop version, now processing up to 30 Gpix of data per project, vs. 10 Gpix before, and supporting the batch processing for more flexibility. All former Smart3DCapture Advanced and Expert users will love ContextCapture for it comes with many improvements including: a new AT module, volume and area measurement, a brand new control/tie points editor, a new mutiresolution-3D mesh exchange format (3MX) supported by MicroStation, a new (long awaited by many of our users) web viewer, a new planes detection feature…

    Smart3DCapture Ultimate users will find ContextCapture Center offers the same level of improvements still maintaining its proven scalability, modularity, user friendliness and performance.

    Last, but not least, comes the new licensing system. As all other Bentley products, ContextCapture offers all the flexibility of Bentley’s SELECTserver. Users can thus easily change their machine, check out on their desktop machine to temporarily work on their laptop for instance, temporary increase their processing power by adding new licenses on a quarterly basis, etc.

    We strongly believe that our users will receive huge benefits from joining the ContextCapture community and we are sure you will as well.

    Is there any further training requested?

    ContextCapture comes with the very same interface and workflow as Smart3DCapture. You will not need any specific training to learn how to use it.

    How can you join the ContextCapture community of Users?

    All our users will be soon contacted by a Bentley Systems representative, and will be offered to join our SELECT program. SELECT offers more flexibility on the licensing, including check out/in of licenses when you want to temporary change your PC (when travelling for instance), add more licenses of eligible products on a quarter, access more Bentley products, and a lot more.

    This migration to the new ContextCapture solutions will be offered free of charge to existing Smart3DCapture users for the remaining period of your current (valid) maintenance and support agreement or subscription, if you sign up before December 15th, 2015.

    If you want further information, please contact your local Acute3D-Bentley systems representative or Partner.

    We will be happy to welcome you to the Bentley Community soon!

    The Acute3D-Bentley Systems Sales Team


    September 8, 2015

    Acute3D-Bentley Systems to launch the new ContextCapture solution for Reality Modeling from photos

    The new ContextCapture solution: better in all domains!


  • New packaging with updated features and capabilities: ContextCapture (with a higher limitation on the input up to 30 GPix/project) and ContextCapture Center for unlimited reconstructions.
  • New licensing based on Bentley CONNECT SELECTservices allowing quarterly term licensing and license pooling, making it more cost-effective for short-term project needs and making existing licenses more fully utilized by making it accessible to more users.
  • New webGL Acute3D Web Viewer and new 3MX format.
  • Improved aerotriangulation (improved robustness, new pair selection modes, new photogroup estimation modes).
  • Aerotriangulation measurement/orientation priors based on user tie points (allows the definition of block origin, scale or orientation).
  • New control points/tie points features (2D/Z control points, tolerance, check points), and upgraded user interface.
  • Improved aerotriangulation report.
  • Improved texturing (improved UV mapping, image blending, inpainting).
  • Improved production and level-of-detail processing, new production options (overlap, skirts, maximum texture size).
  • New planar simplification mode at the reconstruction stage.
  • Tiling/pairs on surface constraints (allows the generation of tiles on areas without tie points when a surface constraint exists).
  • Spatial reference system support for touchup and reconstruction constraints.
  • New production 3D view tab.
  • Surface/Volume measurement.
  • Export of 3D mesh with texture and level-of-detail to GoogleEarth KML.
  • Export of orthophoto to KML super-overlay.
  • Interoperability with Bentley platform: Pointools POD, 3MX support in MicroStation.
  • Block merging (ability to merge two existing blocks from the user interface).

  • Acute3dMarseilles _in_Microstation

    Example of an entire city loaded in Microstation

    Contact Acute3D or your local Bentley Systems representative for more information.

    February 10, 2015

    Bentley Systems has acquired Acute3D

    We are proud to announce that the Acute3D team has joined Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.

    Read the official press release.

    By joining Bentley Systems, we will be able to quickly take our technology to the next level and to open incredible opportunities to our users, while continuing to develop our products and our reselling networks. Our users will now be offered an even more efficient service and a broader and more integrated range of solutions for their business. The Acute3D team and Acute3D’s sales channels remain in place, and at your disposal, should you have any request or question.


    Acute3D is a technological software company created in 2011 by Jean-Philippe Pons and Renaud Keriven. Acute3D’s cutting edge technology originates from 25 man-years of research done at two major French research institutes, École des Ponts ParisTech and Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment.

    Until 2012, Acute3D was supported, financed and hosted by Paca-Est Incubator, a support structure designed to assist in the development of startup companies, which was a great help to Acute3D’s founders to design an initial business strategy and to win the French “most innovative startup” Awards in 2011. From 2012 to 2014, Acute3D was supported by the business incubator of Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis.

    After signing industrial partnerships with several industry leaders, Acute3D started to commercialize in 2012 its Smart3DCapture® standalone software solution, optimized for large-scale automatic 3D reconstruction from photographs, which quickly took a leading position in several market segments.

    December 23, 2014

    Smart3DCapture v3.2 is released

    We are pleased to announce the release of Smart3DCapture version 3.2!

    Main improvements

    • Support of non-NVIDIA graphics cards, including AMD graphics cards and Intel integrated graphics processors.
    • New SDK including a Python module, allowing to access all features of Smart3DCapture Master.
    • New user tie points editor.
    • Interactive 3D edition of the reconstruction region of interest.
    • New block export option for exporting photos without lens distortion.
    • New production formats: Autodesk FBX, Collada DAE, and StereoLithography STL.
    • Import/export of camera optical properties.
    • Import of control points from text file.
    • Software update notification, and automatic update of camera database.
    • Sensor size/focal length are now optional, aerotriangulation uses a 35 mm equivalent focal length of 50 mm by default.
    • New option to control color equalization mode.
    • New pair selection modes for aerotriangulation: sequence and loop, to simplify processing for some datasets.

    Upgrade to Smart3DCapture version 3.2

    If you already are a Smart3DCapture user, you can download the new version directly from your customer area.

    More information on Smart3DCapture?

    Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quotation and a free 30-day evaluation version.

    November 28, 2014

    TechniDrone to train all pilots on Smart3DCapture

    Acute3D is happy to announce its partnership with Techni Drone, a French company training people to become UAS remote pilots (180 people in 2014). With this partnership, the objective fixed by Techni Drone and Acute3D is to meet the needs of professional markets, requesting an accurate 3D model for inspection applications.

    To reach this goal, Acute3D and Techni Drone want to raise awareness among the UAS operators about the importance of a good imagery acquisition. Thus, a new training program will be offered from December by Techni Drone with courses dealing with photo acquisition and automatic 3D mapping from photos.

    Smart3DCapture Advanced, the automatic 3D mapping software developed by Acute3D and dedicated to UAS operators for inspection, survey, etc. is put at the disposal of the trainees for the automatic 3D mapping part.

    Thanks to this new program, Techni Drone’s trainees will be now qualified in UAS piloting but also in photogrammetry.

    For more information:

    November 28, 2014

    Acute3D partnership with Altigator

    Acute3D is happy to announce its partnership with Altigator, a Belgium company designing and manufacturing a wide range of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), including OnyxStar® multirotor drones, and providing fully integrated professional solutions.

    Altigator will now offer its customers a bundle including one of its drones and one license of Smart3DCapture, a leading software solution for automatic 3D surveying and mapping from photos, developed by Acute3D.

    This complete solution will answer to the increasing demand of UAS operators requesting an accurate 3D model for inspection applications.

    For more information: