Smart3DCapture v3.0 is now released!

June 24, 2014

Smart3DCapture v3.0 is now released!

It comes with a full bunch of new improvements and features.

As a response to many requests, and in order to offer Smart3DCapture technology to a wider audience, a new software edition, Smart3DCapture Advanced, has been created as our entry package. Most suited to, but not limited to, UAS operators, this edition allows the production of high resolution 3D models as well as the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and true orthophotos from imagery datasets as big as 10 gigapixels.

The existing editions have then been renamed to better fit the new product line:

  • Scanner becomes Expert and its input limitation has been extended from 10 gigapixels to 30 gigapixels, what will allow our Users to work on larger projects,
  • Mapper becomes Ultimate and remains our high end edition, offering all the power of Smart3DCapture technology to most demanding reconstruction projects.

Major features:

  • New type of production True orthophoto/DSM: produce interoperable raster layers for visualization and analysis in third-party GIS/CAD software or image processing tools.
  • True orthophoto of Paris, courtesy of Ubick

    DSM of Paris, courtesy of Ubick

    True orthophoto of a quarry, courtesy of Cabinet Dayan Jean-Pierre

    DSM of a quarry, courtesy of Cabinet Dayan Jean-Pierre

  • New inter-tile color equalization function, to limit color differences between tiles.
  • Inter-tile color equalization - V2 / V3

  • Texture mapping improvements: among all the available candidates, the model is textured with the sharpest image.
  • texture mapping improvements - V2 / V3

  • New geometry precision modes:
    • Ultra, to perform 3D reconstructions with stunning geometric details.
    • Medium, faster and more memory-efficient, recommended for orthophoto, DSM and preview.
  • Medium, Highest and Ultra precision modes

    Highest and Ultra precision modes

  • New reference manager interface to check project resources, and repair or update links.
  • New System information tab in Smart3DCapure Settings to ease identification of system issues and technical support.
  • Updated project file format, and job file format: faster and more scalable.
  • Import blocks now supports MS Excel XLSX format.

Do you want more information on Smart3DCapture?

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question on how to evaluate the software or on the pricing policy.