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Bentley acquired Acute3D

Acquired by Bentley Systems in January 2015, Acute3D is now developing ContextCapture, as part of Bentley Systems’ Reality Modeling solutions. Read the Press Release.


Acute3D is a technological software company created in January 2011 by Jean-Philippe Pons and Renaud Keriven, by leveraging on 25 man-years of research at two major European research institutes, École des Ponts ParisTech and Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment. It won the French “most innovative startup” Awards.

In 2011, Acute3D signed an industrial partnership with Autodesk, while keeping to advance its R&D work on city-scale 3D reconstruction.

In 2012, Acute3D signed industrial partnerships with other industry leaders, including Skyline Software Systems and InterAtlas. In parallel, it started to commercialize its own Smart3DCapture® (now replaced by ContextCapture) standalone software solution, optimized for highly detailed and large-scale automatic 3D reconstruction from photographs.

In 2015, Acute3D is acquired by Bentley Systems, and becomes part of their end-to-end Reality Modeling solutions.